Thursday, November 6, 2008

Okay so lets get started! First pick out the painter mask you would like to use. I picked this one : Now pick out the photo you would like to use on this :) I picked my stinky little daughter, who absolutely hates having me take her picture. Make a new document and pull BOTH the picture and the mask on to it. Okay, select your marquee tool. MAKING SURE you are on your photo layer, and making sure that you have selected feather in the above bar, (I picked 100 for a nice feathered edge...go for 120 if you feel a little crazy :) ) make a selection around your photo. Your picture should have a nice feathered edge around it. at this point you really can be done.....or you can add some spice to it! Make a new layer, and clip it to the mask as well....... I pulled the layer beneath the photo layer. They should both be clipped to the mask layer. Take a nice soft edge brush and picking colors in your photo , start brushing around the photo in some of the empty places. Play around at this point and enjoy! I put a white layer underneath mine and will add some word art to it, and I am done! Hopefully this was pretty clear for everyone! If not, leave me a note and I will try to make it better. I want everyone to be able to learn how to do this! Have fun!