Monday, April 6, 2009

New kits preview

Ready to see what I have coming out this week? First I want you to see some of the layouts from my amazing Creative team. I really need to get them linked up here! These are my creative Ninjas This is from snappy2003 using my New Life and Loverly Kit again, Snappy2003 using my Easter Brights kit This is from Linda Alexis using Tracy's Light Linda Alexis again, using Easter Brights Okay just one more by Linda.... using my New Life and also April Staker - Belle [Leaves] Alright, enough of my ohhing and ahhhhing, here is what I have coming out this Wednesday. Call it a sneak peek. You can grab them early, with a bigger discount, tonight and tomorrow. After that they will be on sale, but the sale won't be as good :)

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