Friday, October 29, 2010

New Releases Oct 29

You know, I don't necessarily LIKE my handwriting, but my kids told me I need to have some of it lying around for posterity. I personally think they want to learn how to forge my name. and this is the bonus when you purchase the "written words" I love making these overlays. I like being able to change the feel of my paper with an overlay. I am trying to do the solid color paper packs with the elegant overlays, so you can create your own kind of paper. I fess up, the skeletons were a BLAST to play with. These are NOT your normal typical skeletons. These are...ummmm fun. and then I added 3 papers from my mysterious room paper as a bonus. In the side bar of my blog is a newsletter sign up. I feel like I am just not busy enough these days ;) BUT I will be putting coupons in my newsletters for those who sign up. Just a little extra thank you! I hope you all have a safe weekend!

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