Friday, April 13, 2012

Brilliance is overrated

So I had this totally brilliant idea. I would spend the rest of today scrapping layouts with the new kit I released.  hahaha.  Yeah, I should just stop there.  I have one done.  However, I will be up late tonight watching the severe weather that is supposed to be tripping through our state.  So without further ado.  Here is my ONE layout:
I used my new kit: Marking Life, the alphs is from one of my older kits Cinnamon,  and I also used a template by Little Green Frog.  

I bet you want the name for the template, too. LOL It is the Chalk and Cheese Template Pack.  Phew.  Say that five times fast.   My little Kit Kat likes tearing her bumper pads off the crib and rolling up in them.  Isn't she ... sweet?  hehehe.  Okay, time to showcase the new items I have up this week:

Had to get this posted.  We have another tornado watch going on, and I don't know what this weekend will bring.  Always a bad sign when your weather men get excited....

Coupon in the newsletter, which I am posting now!  You still have time to sign up!  ALSO I changed out the exclusive freebie on my facebook page!  Check it out!

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