Friday, August 17, 2012

oOOOPs There she goes again!

Ooops!  Last weekend I had hopes to begin playing in Photoshop, again.  I was kind of caught up on sleep, my sweet baby K is a little doll and has allowed me to become human again.  However, life sometimes kicks you, and I ended up BACK in the hospital with a kidney infection.  Really??? Yes, really. On top of that, it had kind of moved on, and I also had a blood infection.  REALLY???  Aughhh.  It took several days and mucho antibiotics pumped in via an IV, before the fever and chills stopped.  I will be taking mucho antibiotics via pill form, now.  Trying to take care of Baby K in the hospital while super sick was kind of an .... adventure.  Anyway, more than you needed to know, right?

I should be back together by next week, so here's hoping for some healing vibes!  This week I just have my portion of the July collab up.  If you purchased the collaboration for July, then you already have this!

I am going to try some scrapping and see if I am up to being at my computer again.  I should have some pretty layouts to show off soon!

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