Saturday, August 17, 2013

A little wishy washy

Ha, I could be talking about my kids, washi tape, or washes.  I probably should be talking about all of the above :)  Kids came home from a summer semester a couple of states over.  They had an amazing time, and met lots of new people.  We also ended up washing out the garage. The little kitten that disappeared, found it's way back to my house. So, we set up the garage for kitty habitation at night.  Let's just say that I think it is time for the kitten to move forth and stay on the back porch.  Finally, no washi tape, but I have some more watercolor brushes for CU use. I also took some of my portions of old collaboration kits and put them out as mini kits. 

I also created a mini for the Variety Pack Challenge 2 that is up in the forum. Be sure to stop by and see how you can get this for free:

I have a very pretty kit that is apple-licious, coming out next week.  I am horrible at creating those sneak peeks... so I will just give you a preview of the whole thing :) 

Hope you have a great week!

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