Friday, October 4, 2013

All About the Candy

I really should be titling this, When Life Gives you Lemons.  Or maybe that will be my new kit :)  So let's sum things up for you, so you know why I am a crazed nut:
Trip to Children's Hospital with my son.
Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
Lots of testing, lots of insulin, lots of carb counting.
Welcome to my new life.

They sent us home, with reassurances that we wouldn't screw it up. Aren't they an optimistic bunch :) 

ANYWAY, I am not quite back from mental trip to shock-ville, but I am slowly getting there.  I do have a kit I just finished before everything happened.  It is ironically called, All About the Candy.  I am working on the mini for this months Piece Wrapping Challenge!  I should have it up soon!

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