Friday, January 10, 2014

Chalk it up to the holidays

I have been trying to slink  back into a semblance of a schedule.  Any kind of a schedule would be good. I have missed items on my to do list, been totally overwhelmed by others, and in general have missed things.  So, today I sat down and wrote out my list.  My daughter informed me that I should put my name on the chore chart.  Unfortunately I have about 20 "chores" versus the 5 they are given :)  WAIT, maybe I should have my name up there.

I was asked about doing more chalkboard items, and decided to kind of do a chalkboard kit. It is probably not as chalky as it could have been, but ah well.

I even have 2 layouts I created with it. Be amazed.

For the record my "one" word is HOPE this year. I am hoping to imbue a sense of hope in my layouts. Let's face it, I had a pretty craptastic year regarding health and my family last year.

I also have my Winter Recipe Page Kit that was a freebie given out in December:

and finally I have a set of twine bows for Commercial Use:

I have a coupon for you. This is for either my CU store OR my PU store. It is good for 15% off. It expires Jan. 16, 2014. CODE: JanStaRT

Hope you have a great week! 

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