Friday, October 31, 2014

Digital Scrapbooking Day- weekend celebration

Wow, I won't even begin to tell you about the hours I spent working on projects for this!  Grab bag mania :)  I also put together several grab bags with previous products grouped together for an amazing group of savings.  Everything is also on sale.... for 60% off.  SWEET DEALS!!

(Did you know that Little Ninja is my daughter :) )
Little Ninja

Northern Star Designs


The savings will last through Monday evening!  Be sure to go through your wishlist and grab some items while they are on sale!

2SCDCreative_LazyAutumnDays_Clusters_Preview 3SCDCreative_LazyAutumnDays_HTBSCards4x4_Preview 4SCDCreative_LazyAutumnDays_PLCards3x4_Preview 5SCDCreative_LazyAutumnDays_PLCards4x6_Preview 6SCDCreative_VoodooMagic_Clusters_Preview 7SCDCreative_VoodooMagic_HTBSCards4x4_Preview 8SCDCreative_VoodooMagic_PLCards4x6_Preview 9GrabBag1a600 10GrabBag2 11GrabBag1600 12GrabBag1600 13GrabBag4  15GrabBag3

Okay, enough of my rah rah :)  ALSO be sure to stop by my facebook page TOMORROW .... I will be handing out coupons all day!

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