Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Happened there?

I am not sure how time flew away from me! OHHHH wait, my mother in law came to visit for a week :) My house is officially clean and pretty, and I can open the fridge without fear in my heart. Thanks mom! Okay, on to the fun stuff. I have a couple of things in the store today : Yes, I named this kit {oh crap}. It is the kit you need when you don't have : stitches, frames, curtains, a window, neutral papers, sequins........and pink bunny slippers. Right at the moment when you need one last thing to make your layout perfect.....and you say "oh crap". This next one is from my grandmothers kindergarten days. She taught kindergarten forever. She had a song for EVERYTHING. One of these is the song: for this is halloween. Thanks Grandma! and I know you have secretly been waiting for these babies: and I am sneaking off to bed. I will get the pages for the brag book up tomorrow!

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