Friday, March 4, 2011

New Releases!

So because I like changes, my alter ego which created the CU products, changed her name again. Don't be surprised. I like change :) So if you see Northern Star Designs, that is really Southern Creek Designs CU products. Clear as mud, huh. Here is a re-release of a brush set I had put out two years ago. If you didn't have an opportunity to grab it then, take the time now. It is on e of the featured kits that is on sale for $1.50 till Sunday! Next up is a fun elements set. These are masks I that I created using brushes. IGNORE the name! These are png files :) You can use them as mattes, as masks, or however you please. There is a sample in my newsletter, and another sample in the PDW newsletter. If you purchase them now for $1.50, and grab the two freebies, you will have 8 pretty brushed elements! Now that is a deal! On to the boring news.... I packed the house, we moved, we are boxed in. Technically we are half boxed in since I force the kids to unpack at least 2 boxes a day (2 boxes.....times a lot of kids .... equals we should be done some time before the new baby comes! bahahahah) My oldest dd is out in college with her twin, and younger brother. You know you did thing right when college girl 2 finds out she has to have surgery, and college girl 1 will be there with her, and college son is trying to figure out how he can miss class so he can support her at the hospital as well. Yeah, it could be that he wants to miss class, but I am putting on my rose colored glasses and being very thankful that they all learned the lesson "All for one, and one for all." Maybe I didn't do so bad with the kidlets after all.

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