Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

YAY it is party time! Come check it out. Everything is on sale, including Northern Star Designs (my commercial use line) Lets hear it for getting one year wiser ;) Yes, I was scrapping this weekend as well. A $10 slip and slide is a wonderful toy. Especially all those fun pictures I was able to take. YES I did put down the camera and take a turn. What fun is it to always be the viewer and never the participant? Surprised the kids, to say the least LOL.
These were all made with my new kit: Unseen Artist. College Girl 2 (my 2nd oldest) helped me come up with the name. Trust me, considering some of the other names she came up with ..... this one rocked. :)
Hope you enjoy your day, and the upcoming week. I will eat a piece of cake (or two) for everyone. No coupon today, since I have a rocking sale going on, BUT be sure to sign up for the newsletter (which will go out shortly). I try to have a little coordinating freebie stuck in there for everyone. Lisa Southern Creek Designs

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