Saturday, July 9, 2011

In a Little Dollhouse

Well I am back! Kind of. Hurricane Hanks is here, and has been doing the normal newborn baby things. Like staying up at night, and sleeping during the day. It makes me feel like I have beedn hit, by a......hurricane ;) Since I have other kids that require me to be up during the day, I was actually able to finish a beautiful kit called Dollhouse. I kept hearing the Sesame Street song "One, Two, Two Little Dolls" going through my head as I created it. WHAT?? You have never heard of this song? Well, I guess it does tell my age. You can find it on youtube, here.... or you can read the lyrics: One, two, two little dolls One, two, two little chairs Two little dolls, two little chairs, two little girls And a little dollhouse One, two, two little plates One, two, two little spoons Two little plates, two little spoons, two little dolls And a little dollhouse Two little girls serve two dolls tea Behaving grown-up as can be. They have two cups--one and two I can count them--why don't you? One, two, two sleepy heads One, two, two little beds Two sleepy heads, two little beds, all quiet now In a little dollhouse What's that? Small pitter-pats One, two, two kitty cats Two kitty cats went on a spree Then sat down and had some tea. Okay, enough of nostalgia :) Here is my dollhouse kit: and a quick coupon for a tad bit more off the top.... coupon code: Little_DoLLhouSE good for an extra 10% off expires: July 16, 2011 Hope you have a great day! Lisa

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