Friday, February 17, 2012

New Releases!

I have some fun new things up today!  I realized it has been awhile since I have done any commercial use items. GASP.  So, got to work on a few things.  There will be a facebook freebie (exclusive link) on my facebook page, so watch for it!

Okay, I had one personal use item :) Some pinned pennants.

You didn't think I would leave here without giving a giftie?  Well, technically it is a give away.  Post your comment below telling me what kind of a day you have had :)  I will be giving away my pinned pennants to one lucky random number generated person.

I will pick a winner on Monday night at midnight, and post it on Tuesday.

PS, My day has been pretty busy so far.  Running here and there with little rugrats takes its toll.


  1. Well, I've had a couple of really grumpy days in a row - but I'm hopeful for the rest of today! ;)

  2. Even though it's cold the sun is shining so that moves the day up a notch or two.
    Love that the pennants already have the pins done!

  3. I am sitting here on my couch nursing a stomach ache. It's been a really rough week but I am hopeful for better weekend. Absolutely love your pinned pennants. Have a super weekend.