Friday, February 1, 2013

This Way and a freebie

We have had a cold going round our house for the last two weeks. I pretended that all was normal last week, but apparently my body didn't listen. I finally caved and took Nyquil last night. HA, that was a mistake.  I am not sure it really helped, and I am not going to repeat the experiment today, either.  I did finish a kit, and a freebie for you.  I was going to wait to post this AFTER I finished up some layouts.  The way my day is going, however, it is probably best if I just post now.

I had some fun making some scatters to go along with the kit. You can grab them on my facebook page, here, and in my newsletter.  After this week, they will be in the store, just in case you miss them:)

This link is now EXPIRED :)

Will be back later with some pretty layouts, I hope.  (Hoping I will come back later, and hoping for pretty layouts...maybe I am just hoping to get all the Nyquil out of my system)

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  1. Thank you - this is so pretty. I love the feel of this lovely kit.