Tuesday, July 23, 2013

$2.00 Tuesday

I know, I am such a slacker. I didn't get my weekend post done with the new releases!  ACKK! Oh well, we had several things happen last week that threw me off.

1. My soda cup decided to be weak, and when I grabbed it, it punctured.  I spilled soda all over the car.
2. I ran over my mailbox.  Demolished. Brick.  Now, gone.
3. Saved a baby kitten sitting in the middle of the road. Downside, I now have a baby kitten.
4. Some idiot decided that he would stalk me through two stores.

Yes, each day something fun and new happened. I am ready to go back to boring and old.

I know, feel inspired :)  So here is what is up in the category today:


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  1. I have had THE WORST day at work and that "bad news is I have a kitty" made me giggle! You have know idea HOW BAD Ineeded that! Thank you!!!