Sunday, July 7, 2013

TGIF...or TGISunday and a freebie

So, we have had a long week. We celebrated the fourth with our family doing a slip n slide blob thingey.  I know you have seen it on pinterest. Admit it.  So here are a couple of pics as proof that I don't really sit inside all day playing computer games.

This is how big it was:

and then we started filling it up:

and then we had the whole family playing on it. I added bubbles to up the danger level.

 This is something we might do again :)

Now on to the real stuff. New releases:

First off, our new collaboration is from Paste Optional Designs and myself.  I am sure that NinjaPicnic was your first clue. 

I then have Anger Management mini that is for the Piece Wrapping Challenge. Check out the PDW forum to see how you can get it for free :)

and also a CU Doily pack:

and because you suffered through my family pics I have a freebie for you. Actually it is just cause I like you.  No, really :)

Link is expired!
Hope you have a great Sunday!