Saturday, September 7, 2013

BeeYOUtiful and freebie

Yes, before someone starts shouting that I have butchered the spelling of the word beautiful, YES, I KNOW IT.  Yes I am a horrible person who should be flogged for ruining small children.  Now we all know that, this kit is obviously about.... BEE's :)  hahah, Okay, maybe I added some words regarding traits that make us beautiful.  OH wait, that would be in the full size kit coming out about next week. Or maybe I will put it in a grab bag coming out for pirate week.  EEK!  So much to do. So just the mini kit this week for the Piece Wrapping Challenge.

Last week had some fun kits that I posted and showed off in the newsletter, but didn't post on my blog:

I really love my No. 4 kit, by the way.  The colors kind of spoke to me :)  So made some instalife squares, as well.

Just a heads up... it is all Shutterfly's fault. They posted a coupon code for a free photobook.  So, I have been busting my butt  trying to finish up the first part of my oldest son's book.  I will resurface soon.  I recommend signing up for their newsletter.  They send out awesome codes for free books.  That keeps me scrapping on schedule, cough cough, or at least gives me a deadline :)

OH, and cause I love you guys:

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  1. I love the new bee mini and No.4 looks fantastic! Thank you.