Saturday, September 14, 2013

Doodle Mini, Watercolor Washes

Well, I have a hectic weekend planned. The littles are being very time consuming.  Lately K2 (my 1 year old) has to be RIGHT next to me.  K1 (my 2 year old) takes offense at this, and tries pushing her off.  War ensues.  Then we repeat it ... all over again.  When I get on my computer, K2 races over and attempts to turn off the computer. She doesn't need to actually turn it off to get my attention. She just looks up at me as she slowly points to the power button, when I scream, she laughs and jumps up and down, because she knows I will pick her up. Yes, she has me trained well.  Silly kidlets... wanting mom time LOL.

Okay, this week, I have a mini and a paper pack.. and GASP, I scrapped!

These were created with my Doodle Mini kit:

and then I have some watercolor papers that are super cool:

I have some cool stuff I am getting ready for the Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration!  Think Grab Bag...

Mwah! Have a super week everyone!

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