Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hope, Chalkboard Love Stamps, and more

My one word for this year is HOPE. I figured that it would be good to make a kit regarding it. That way it would fully entrench the word in my mind and psych.  Now if life would just listen and quite throwing things at me.OR maybe it is just how I look at things?  Food for thought :)

SO first off, layouts I created.

Yes, that is my family. Yes that is right after I had K2.  Yes, that is my son who happens to be close to 1 foot taller than my father :)  OHHH and I used the kit "Hope" on these. Now on to the new releases:

I also created a couple of layouts for a friend using her Elegance ScrapKit (ScrapDZines). These will link up to her kit if you click on them.

I will probably have a few things for you in a bit. I ended up with migraines the last couple of days and it has left me behind schedule, again :)  Hope you have an amazing kind of day!

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