Tuesday, March 11, 2014


You know, I had this amazing post planned out, and then my daughter passed out in class. I ended up having to pick her up, have another daughter help bring her car home, call a doctor and try to get her in, and in general: WORRY.  Being a mother is not for the faint of heart.  She is fine, and we are assuming it was low blood sugar, at this point.  SO, on to the post that is now a speedy version!

$2 Tuesday

NSD CommercialUseBows ep600

NSD CU WatercolorBrush2PRE600

SCD BikerChick kit600
SCD BikerChickClusters ep600

SCD Herbology kit600

SCD LeapFrog kit600
SCD OvertheHillsKit kit600


New Releases

SCD Ambrose kit600


Our price: $4.19
Market price: $5.99
30% save
SCD Ambrose pp600

SCD Ambrose ep600
NSD CUJunkDrawer1 ep600

CU Junk Drawer 1

Our price: $3.50
Market price: $5.00
30% save
NSD CUKrunchyKraft1 pp600

CU Krunchy Kraft 1

Our price: $3.50
Market price: $5.00
30% save

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