Friday, June 27, 2014

Allaire and a freebie

So, imagine this. Family reunion, camping, tents, fires, kids, ZIP-LINES.  Do you see where this was headed? Yeah, I did, too. Son #3 and a wrist fracture.  I am beginning to think that we are a magnet for bizarre things happening.  I will say that I finished my kit Allaire! It is a variant form of Hilaire, French form of Latin Hilarius, derived from Latin hilaris meaning “joyful”.  I felt like these colors really captured that joyful/ cheerful feeling. (Good thing I had these picked out BEFORE the zip line incident)

SO, let's see what we have today!

Let's all sing a happy song that we made it through the week!  and OH what a week it was ;)

Now for a quick freebie:
Link Expired

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