Friday, July 25, 2014

Smooth Sailing and a freebie

It seems like a dream. Well, it probably is. This last year has been anything but smooth sailing. I keep hoping that if I make kits about cheerful, happy, smooth sailing type things, that it will happen in my life by osmosis. HAHAHAHA  Okay, so sticking with the positive:
  • My youngest daughter will be a giant, according to her growth chart.
  • My son's surgery yesterday went very well, and the Mr. slept at the hospital (rather than me).
  • It is my birthday and I get to eat cake!
  • My husband got me a pasta maker for my birthday, resulting in much experimentation down the road.
  • The kids are done with their summer class and all of them pulled an A.
See how many positives I can come up with?  Amazing!  I read an article that made some sense to me.  Picking out the negative things in life is too easy.  There are just so many of them. What is truly challenging is finding the positive in each day. So, for the next little while, you might see a lot of kits regarding happy, cheerful, bright things. At least until our medical fun stuff is over.

SO this week we are having a Street Party!  $1 items are in this category. It will be up for 1 week.  If you see anything of mine in there that you like GRAB IT!  I am retiring these items after this week. Need to make room for more stuff.

New releases are also up:

I'll be back hopefully tomorrow with freebies :)

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