Friday, September 12, 2014

Live Life

So, today we woke up to needing another blanket put on the bed.  It actually is a very nice feeling being able to snuggle down in bed, huddled in a cave of blankets.  That little moment lasted about 10 minutes before I heard the K's shouting that it was breakfast time.  I guess I could have ignored them, but let's get real, breakfast isn't going to magically jump out and feed itself to the babies, although I secretly wish for this every morning.

This week I was working on a kit "Live Life".  It has some beautiful blues in it, with a touch of lime green.  I know, I should have pushed the boy angle part of this more, and I will work on that with the next kit.  It is really hard when you have so many girls dancing through the house. 

We are also getting ready for our pirate week! September 19th is the big day for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Be ready to play!

New items up this week:

That's all for this week! Stay tuned for next week!


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