Friday, October 10, 2014

Sweet Little Memories :)

One thing I have found out, after having mucho kids, is that my life, is NEVER boring.  Each day I wait for that moment that the kids will surprise me with something new. Todays just happened to be at the doctor office.  My daughter ended up having an emergency situation as we were checking out.  She is fine, and I will be forever thankful that we were at the doctors when it happened. BUT SERIOUSLY, I am due for some calm weather in my life!  Little rant for the day over :) 

New releases are up!  YAY!!! So let me go ahead and share some layouts, with you:

These actually turned out pretty awesome :)  And now for the kit/s:
This week, we not only have some new releases, but we also have a new designer joining us!  Welcome Cindy Ritter!

21_SCD_SweetLittleMoments_kit600 18_SCDCreative_SweetLittleMoments_PLCards4x6_Preview 17_SCDCreative_SweetLittleMoments_PLCards3x4_Preview 10_SCDCreative_LittleSweetMoments_Clusters_Preview 9_SCDCreative_SweetLittleMoments_HTBSCards4x4_Preview 4_SCD_ThisandThatWordart1_ep600 3_SCD_SweetLittleMoments_SP600 2_SCD_SweetLittleMoments_BorderPRE600

Hopefully your day turns out pretty good! 

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