Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Loving and Diabetes 101

   Well, this week I have a couple of kits that I had worked on.  First off is Summer Loving. Seriously, right in the middle of the summer, and all I can think of is SWIMMING and pools.
   Even more importantly though, I have a kit called Diabetes 101.  My son was diagnosed over 3 years ago, after going into ketoacidosis, a very frightening and dangerous side effect of long term high blood sugars.  Some of the symptoms that we missed, due to hot weather, were constant drinking, and having to use the bathroom literally every 20 minutes.  He also lost a TON of weight.  Why do I mention this?  So you are aware if you see the symptoms in someone you love.  All it takes is a quick blood glucose check if you are concerned about a loved one.  I did not know the symptoms then, but I do now, and I pass the information on in hopes that it may help another parent avoid a dangerous situation.  Okay, PSA over :)  Diabetes 101 is about all the little things that are now a part of our life.

Oh yeah, and it's my birthday :)  Half off everything until Friday!

Wishing you a great week!

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