Saturday, July 15, 2017

Year in Review- July

Summer months are flying by! Well actually, this whole year seems to be moving by pretty fast.  I once told my husband that I just needed a few more hours in my day to finish everything. He said that if I had a few more hours, I would just fill those up, and need a few more.  He is probably right :) 

Be sure to take a peek at everything I snuck in the store when you weren't looking (translate that to be- everything I forgot to blog about) Today's new goodies:

And I have this months, Year in Review- July up in the store!  I don't have any of my typical characters, this time.  They must be hiding the lighthouse.  They will make a reappearance in August.

The challenges are up in the forum, as well.

and one more... this weeks Swatch it Saturday on the PDW blog was Strawberry I made a cute mini, which you can pick up for free in the store :)
Hope you have a great day!

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