Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stick with me here

Okay, I am a blog hopper, I LOVE reading blogs (cause of course I have time to do that mwahahahaha). I came across this amazing quilt block. I am attaching the picture and linking you to the blog. This is a Cathedral Window quilt block. Isn't it gorgeous? I don't quilt. I have made 2, count them TWO quilts. Those two quilts have evil word attached to them. My 17 year old daughter LOVES hers and her twin hates me, cause I never made hers. Imagine that. K, that was your inspiration for the day. If only I could make a quilt digitally that could keep the kids warm. THAT would work bahahahaha. OH, and for two days. Count them baby..................TWO. Here is your freebie. {Link went bye bye.... it is now Sunday :)} SATURDAY it will be taken down!!!!! Oh yeah, will get the rest of the awesome Halloween brag book up as well.

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