Friday, April 8, 2011

New Releases!

New Releases
Leather Button Alpha Our price: $1.50
Market price: $3.49

57% save

Key to my Heart
Our price: $1.50
Market price: $5.99

75% save

Key to my Heart: Worn, Torn, Stacked
Our price: $2.62
Market price: $3.49

25% save

from Sami
from a84martin
from StarryNights
I am getting closer to being not able to walk through a door :) 28 weeks and counting. I almost always deliver at 36 weeks, so I am getting closer to MY count down. How can I count on that? Well, after 11 other pg. that ended at 35, 36 weeks, I can kinda count on it ;) For my blog readers: coupon code is keyTOmyHEART Good for an extra 10% off my shoppe, and it expires April 14th. Don't forget, if you order $10.00 worth of product you can get our collaboration kit for free. Information can be found here.

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