Friday, December 2, 2011

Holly Dollar Day 2 and TGIF

Oh, what is this lovely piece?  It is the challenge giftie thing for our December Piece Wrapping Challenge.  Head on over to the PDW forum and find out how to get it free. If you create a layout using it, and following the rules, you will be entered to win the kit Forget me Not.

Notice how the colors coordinate...ohhhh ahhhh.  I guess you probably want to know about the Holly Dollar Days going on now.  Hmmm, should I tell you?  Alright, you talked me into it.

Holly Dollar days are going on through December 25th.  Each day I have two new kits posted @ $1.50 each.  Some of them are Commercial use items as well.  I will post on my blog about these, as long as life doesn't go to heck in a hand  basket.  Newsletter will continue being once a week.  I don't want you hating on me now.  So today I have one commercial use item up, and Meredith Cardall has a beautiful item up as well:
Sweet, aren't they....

Stay tuned for tomorrow's fun stuff.

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