Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday and {gasp} Cyber Monday

Have you stopped by my facebook page?  I have handed out some coupons and a lucky few have gotten them :)  Remember, everything is 30% off my store this weekend.

Cyber Monday is coming up and I will have some flash sales going on.  What is a flash sale? Well, it is a sale that appears out of nowhere (like a flash) and disappears the same way!

Also be sure to watch for the coupons I randomly post on my facebook page!

I do have a new kit that I put up on Friday, for new release day:

and, I was lazy, and the items I put up last Friday are now 30% lower than the original 30% off.  Leaving you with just over 50% off a couple of items.  Since I was feeling so lazy, I didn't even fix it :) 

(This is actually $2.73 right now... and won't get any lower)

(This is actually $1.47 right now... and also won't get any lower)

I should probably get my lazy self going and create a couple of freebies for you guys.  Something about all pumpkin pie and cool whip made me lethargic and lose all energy. Imagine that!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 

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