Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's true

Well, it's true. I am a horrible person. I have done something I haven't done in years... I took some time off and spent it with my family.  They appreciated it, until the smack down came when I checked the cleanliness of their rooms.  Always a bummer when mom starts in on the "and you thought a large pile of dirty laundry topped with clean clothes was a GOOD idea.....because...".  So when vacation time was up, my little KitKat decided to get a double ear infection to make sure I spent more time with her. The meds have finally taken effect and I figured I better get my blog post up.

January Piece Wrapping Challenge is now up at Plaindigitalwrapper! 

Check out the forum to see how you can get it for free :)

Wishing you guys a great week!  Check my facebook page this coming week for a new freebie.  I have plans for one tonight, but then again, KitKat is still enjoying her mom time.

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